Rob Callahan is a writer whose books include “Hellbound Snowballs” and “A Wish Upon a Fallen Sky”. He is a member of the spoken word supergroup, the Rockstar Storytellers, a columnist for l'etoile and arts correspondent for Vita.MN. His weekly Tuesday night pub quiz in Minneapolis has been called “the smartest trivia night in town”.

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  • JagerCon
  • (Every Tuesday) A weekly pub quiz and movie night, with drink specials, prizes and a film at 10
  • "JagerCon" will be on hiatus over the holidays. No quiz or movie on Dec 24th or 31st. See you all on Jan 7th.
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Love in the Time of the Dead

imageKindle Exclusive


A journalist assigned to cover the Occupy movement gets more than he bargained for when he meets a weary, weathered protester claiming to be the sole survivor of a zombie conspiracy.

A Wish Upon a Fallen Sky

imageIn Print


Telling tales of the dark and moody, sordid stories of the strange and ridiculous, poignant and provocative. Dark, subtle wit complements a seasoned, haunting voice in this short story collection.

Hellbound Snowballs - A Novel

imageDigital and Print

$3.95 - 14.95

In this dark farce, a trio of misfits band together and seek refuge among the tourists of Northern California, hiding out from the literal and figurative ghosts of their pasts.

Worst Friends Forever

imageKindle Exclusive


Having outlived everyone else they ever knew, Vance and Heinz embark together on a comical quest in which each man sets out to outdo and do in his counterpart, once and for all.