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The Moth does "Creepy" this month at Amsterdam

The last Wednesday of the month is October 30th, and the MPR-flavored Moth podcast will be back at Amsterdam for another round of storyslamming.

I actually have a thing I could do for this one. A real, true, unrehearsed, unpublished first-person story that I did last week at the Two Chairs Telling show. Don't know that I will, though, as it gets a little tricky covering an event once you've been a part of it. That, and I don't like competitions, but it's mostly because there's probably more benefit in writing about the Moth than there is writing for it. At least for me. For those of you not me, though, you should get your tickets early. They tend to pack the place.

Part of the Moth's appeal is its openness to everyone and, when I've gone, I've seen hints of that. There are always one or two outsiders who get onstage and spin a yarn, but the event attracts local spoken worders like... well, like moths to a flame. You're going to see a lot of Story Arts members. There's also heavy representation from my own troupe, the Rockstar Storytellers. Other prominent talkers in town show up too, and that can make the night feel a bit clannish at times, but I always enjoy the people who are getting up there for the first time a lot more than I do my peers from the performing arts community.

So, if you're not a pro, please come by and tell a creepy story. I might get up there with you, but I can't say for sure just yet.