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  • Response to Bob Collins and 'Greedy White People'
    I've been dwelling on an appropriate response to Bob Collins since last week. I even went so far as to write a big entry debunking his claims, then I deleted it because I
  • The Current vs. Hip Hop
    A bunch of the artists who I would have picked as likely candidates for MPR's big hip-hop showcase at the Fitz have signed on to a letter asking for the station to take mo
  • An Open Request to Every Local Rapper
    The Jedi Council of Local Hip-Hop: Kevin Beacham, Toki Wright, Slug, Desdamona, Lioness and Guante convened with MPR music writer Andrea Swensson for an open meeting about
  • MarsCon to Share Space With a Gun Show
    Minnesota SCI is, as far as I can tell, a gun show. I could be wrong. I've never been to a gun show. (Tried to go once, but there was a scheduling conflict.) Maybe it's mo
  • Weighing in on The Minnesota Book Awards
    Alan DeNiro makes some good points and expresses some pretty legitimate frustrations in this piece on the Minnesota Book Award . I'd like to weigh in a bit, but I should f
  • Messersmith's "Tourniquet" Free to Download
    MPR have put a new song by Jeremy Messersmith online to stream or download. I like this tune. It's a big departure from much of his past work but there's still this inhere

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