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  • Us vs. Them is just another way of being Us against Us
    Well, the internet has certainly been a safe haven from critical thinking lately. Some of what's out there today is fine. Some of it is to be expected. Most of it makes me
  • "Ladies" and "Things" are Pretty Much Analogous
    So this is the first thing you'll see as you enter the "NE Minneapolis Arts District" on Central Avenue. I could be wrong, but I think that part of town is full of people
  • 'Star City: A Russian Space Farce' orbits absurdity
    A wide-eyed young scientist (Matt Spring) demonstrates the launch sequence while Yuri Gagarin (Brant Miller) and his fellow cosmonauts (Keely Wolter, Andy Rocco Kraft) dev
  • Some Basic Reference Materials the Media Will Want From You
    It occurred to me that, with all this talk that's been going on about making yourself accessible to the press, I don't actually have current press materials of my own anyw
  • JagerCon: Legends
    In May, JagerCon will celebrate its roots by digging deep and unearthing some rare gems to honor some of the Twentieth Century's legendary sci-fi/action franchises. Mixing
  • Gasthof's Letter of Apology Over Nazi Dinners
    After I wrote up the flash mob at Gasthof, this letter was forwarded my way. From what I'm told, it's a letter that Gasthof owner Mario Pierzchalski sent to every media ou
  • Aspiring Journalists, This is for You.
    Raghav Mehta, Robert Baril and Joey Vincent meet up on the Filter Free Amerika podcast to talk news, media, politics and what happened to journalism. On Filter Free Amerik
  • Background on the Gasthof Flash Mob
    So I'm just gonna supplement the Vita.mn article I wrote last night. Just gonna put a couple more things out there: The Tow Truck: Before you tell me to get out of here 'c
  • An Open Request to Every Local Rapper
    The Jedi Council of Local Hip-Hop: Kevin Beacham, Toki Wright, Slug, Desdamona, Lioness and Guante convened with MPR music writer Andrea Swensson for an open meeting about
  • Why the Minneapolis Nazi Cosplayers Are Important
    An acquaintance of mine posted the profile picture (above) of the guy who organized that Nazi-themed party at Gasthof. It's, well... It's worth talking about. And that's t
  • Follow Up on Yesterday's Nazi Fetishism Post
    City Pages posted a picture of another recent Nazi-themed party. Well, it was a Historical Re-enactment Society party, but it was a party full of Nazi cosplayers having di
  • JagerCon Tonight: Plan 9 From Outer Space
    We planned to show Plan 9 From Outer Space a couple of weeks ago, but there were projector problems. So, tonight, we're going to get this movie shown. Pub quiz at 8:30 pm.
  • Barkhad Abdi, Post-Oscars
    "It's a truly historic night for Minneapolis. All it took was an Oscar nomination for our local news to start caring about a Somali." - Raghav Mehta I'm going to go ahead
  • My Best of Vita.MN, 2013
    In preparation for all of the Best Of lists that are bound to start going around the internet, I've looked back at my first year as an arts correspondent for Vita.mn and p
  • Captain Phillips' Minneapolis Somali Actors
    "Greengrass says it was important to him to find young Somali actors to play the part of the pirates. He held auditions in Minneapolis —€” where there is a large Somali co

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