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  • Old Time Supervillains Who Were the Stuff of Nightmares
    Nowadays, villains have back stories. You can even identify with some of them. It wasn't always that way, though. In the old days, villains weren't aliens or lab accident
  • Amazing Stories Relaunch Begins Tomorrow
    This is, well, amazing. The classic anthology magazine that helped launch the careers of a bunch of writers who are now considered classic authors in their own rights is r
  • So That's Another MarsCon
    Dennis Zerwas Jr. hung out with us after the Rockstar Storytellers show on Saturday night, where he took this picture. Yes, that's Dr. Demento hanging out with us. He was
  • Time to Reveal That Secret Job I've Been On
    Been bound by an NDA since January, which is not an easy thing for me: I've grown accustomed to blogging, tweeting and tumbling about the projects I'm on from the start. T
  • Guys, Isa Llama Sci-Fi is My New Favorite Thing
    It's an eleven-year-old reviewing sci-fi movies her dad made her watch. She doesn't watch anything made after 2001, for some reason. Sometimes her friends come over and wa

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