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Amazing Stories Relaunch Begins Tomorrow

This is, well, amazing. The classic anthology magazine that helped launch the careers of a bunch of writers who are now considered classic authors in their own rights is returning tomorrow. I would have put the news off until then, but I didn't want anyone thinking it was just some April 1st spoof.

Amazing Stories are doing what all of us in the writing game have been doing for the last decade, and that's trying to figure out how to run a small sci-fi business in the age of free fiction on the internet. They've got an adaptable and experimental model in place, which should bode well in the event of any unforseen circumstances:

Approximately every three days thereafter, a new story or non-fiction article will be published.  At the end of the month, the whole issue will be assembled and formatted into several different ebook formats.  If response to this effort is a good one, we contemplate issuing a print edition!

So they're sort of micro-publishing the anthology throughout the month, then assembling the whole thing at the end, then starting anew. I'm excited. I want to see how this goes.

Submissions aren't open yet, but they promise to spread the word when they are.