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I'm Better at Doing Whatever it is Wolverine Does

You don't ever go on vacation when part of your job is self promotion. There's a level of showmanship to pretty much everything you do. I'm not complaining, though. I actually enjoy it.

As an example, this recently happened:

"I thought you worked for them full time."

"No, I'm a contractor. Same as all the other writers."

"But you're a really big deal over there, right?"

"Well, keep this under your hat, but..." (looks left, looks right, leans in close) "Yes. I'm a really big deal."

Out of context, this probably makes me seem like a terrible person. So, for the record, I'm actually a tolerable person. That, and being Rob Callahan plateaued on the Gartner Hype Cycle ages ago. At this point, I'm actually more of a consistent deal.

And, sadly, the time when I could've gotten away with actually thinking I was a really big deal (pictured above) was a time when I didn't realize it.

Still, that's not gonna stop me from saying it now.