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The Inspector Chronicles - Now With More Sylvester McCoy

Last year, Travis Richey was on Kickstarter trying to raise money for season two of the awkwardly titled "Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time". He didn't reach his goal and it looked like the second season would never happen, but now there's a feature film in the works instead.

It's on indiegogo this time, which means they'll get whatever funding they get even if they miss their goal. It's got Sylvester McCoy now, in addition to the other sci-ficons who were already signed on. It's a movie this time, which means they aren't looking for as much money from the internet: Just enough to get the ball rolling, after which they'll seek investors. The goal is set at $25k, and they're just over $13k of the way there at the time of this writing.

You can get to the Indiegogo site by clicking here or following the link in the video above. There's some background information on the project in an article I wrote for Vita.mn last year. If you haven't watched the web series' first season, that's below, as is the teaser for the feature film. Enjoy.