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The Butt Cracks of Magic the Gathering

I'm not sure what to make of this. It's the sort of thing one normally sees getting called out as Nerd-Shaming, with a healthy slathering of Fat-Shaming, but the people I normally see calling -Shaming out are sharing this all over their social media. They find it hilarious.

Writing about culture is easy when I'm reviewing a band or a play. I can list absolutely everything I find wrong with the show, and I can make a reasoned argument why, then wrap it up by saying, "The crowd was really into it, though, so I could be wrong."

Can't really take that angle here on the Magic the Gathering Butt Cracks article, though. I mean, yes, the crowd is really into it, but what they're really into is exactly the sort of thing they've always been really against until now.

I don't get you, crowd. I really don't get you.

Also, I'm way more interested in knowing about the guy, and knowing what those tattoos on his fingers mean, than taking part in what I'm fairly certain is, in fact, Nerd-Shaming and Fat-Shaming.

Who is that guy, anyway? And, for my friends who have been to these tournaments, is this an accurate depiction of them? Are they all butt crack all the way down?